Everything in ANTHRO #3

All the stories in ANTHRO #3
Wings of Healing / TBP
Michæl W. Bard
Coatimundi Rex
M. P. Johnson
The Human Memoirs / Part 3
G. Howell
In His Own Image
John B. Rosenman

All the poetry in ANTHRO #3
In Dappled Darkness Something Waits For Me
Tom Zimmerman

All the comics in ANTHRO #3
Castle Horsetooth
Oren Otter
& Eala Dubh

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Index to all of ANTHRO’s interviews

All the reviews in ANTHRO #3
Waiting for Gertrude
Cat Cross Their Graves
Rakkety Tam
Fred Patten

All the columns in ANTHRO #3
Down the Rabbit Hole
Phil Geusz

ANTHRO library: A compendium of all furry reference works

The editorial matter in ANTHRO #3
From the Editor’s Maw
Quentin Long
Through the Looking-Glass
Michæl W. Bard