ANTHRO #10: Reviews index

 Dronon Finder: King of the Cats, by Carla Speed McNeil

The third collection of McNeil’s ‘aboriginal SF’ comic

 Dronon Grease Monkey, by Tim Eldred

The story of a mechanically-inclined gorilla, and his human apprentice

 Fred Patten Tales of the Questor, Vol. 2, by Ralph E. Hayes, Jr.

The second printed collection of Hayes’ acclaimed webcomic

 Fred Patten Hot Animal Love: Tales of Modern Romance, by Scott Bradfield

The latest works from the author of Animal Planet

 Fred Patten The Taken Trilogy, by Alan Dean Foster

A boy and his dog, kidnapped by extraterrestrials

 Fred Patten Felicia and the Wrath of the Elder Glops, by Chas. P. A. Melville

Confronting a lethal menace that’s fun to be around

 Fred Patten Firmin: Adventures of a Metropolitan Lowlife, by Sam Savage

A literary allegory—with rats

 Fred Patten Queen of Mars, by Al Sarrantonio

The conclusion of Sarrantonio’s Martian saga

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