ANTHRO #11: Table of contents


Running Wild / Day 3, Cat’s Eye Opening
by Duncan Cougar
& Quentin Long
[TBP] It’s not healthy to live in dreams—or nightmares, either

Blood Bonds / Part 1 of 2
by Tony Greyfox
You can’t choose your relatives—just what you’ll do about them

The Wolf of the Hare that Bit Him…
by Phil Geusz
Are werewolves more frightening when they laugh at you?

A Tale of Sand and Ice / Part 7
by Charles Matthias
[MK] In which weary travelers enjoy a well-earned respite

From the Horse’s Hoof
by Felix Sagittarius
[TBP] Life is a steeplechase; some of the obstacles are higher than others


Through the Looking-Glass
by Michæl W. Bard
Furries and Personal Space: Are we shooting ourselves in the footpaw, culturally speaking?

Down the Rabbit Hole
by Phil Geusz
Talkin’ ’Bout Our Generation: Where we came from—and where we might go

Reality Soundbites
by Keith Morrison
This is the Way the World Begins (part 3): How the shaping of the world shapes life

The Red King’s Dream
by Wanderer Werewolf
The Peasants Aren’t Revolting: A few words about an ill-understood aspect of history


Tryst Tail
by Slyford T. Rabbit
Is it—could it be—true romance?

The Cat and the Mouse
by Daniel Wilcox
An examination of interspecies power structures


Zebra Girl
by Joe England
The On-ramp of Normalcy


From the Editor’s Maw
by Quentin Long
1,001 Uses for a Dead Furry: So what do you do with a dead furry, anyway?


Fred Patten reviews…

Tales of the Fur Side
Excellent art and the stories it inspired

The Warriors: The New Prophecy series
Hunter’s second hexology about the secret lives of cats

The Finest Challenge
The final volume of a Black-Beauty-as-fantasy trilogy

The Feather and Bone trilogy
How one mob of crows deals with plague and corvine politics

Common and Precious
The third book about Tim Susman’s ‘New Tibet’ setting

All the Newshounds Fit to Print
The ultimate collection of Thomas K. Dye’s respected webcomic


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