ANTHRO #1: Current events

   Got some information that would be of interest to the furry community? Whatever it is—a new furmeet, an anthropopmorphic webcomic, or prety much anything else of an at least vaguely furry nature—let us know so Anthro can tell the world for you!

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   Lou Graziani recently clued us into, Cy-Boar, his action/adventure webcomic with a hefty dose of sci-fi, which wins top honors for Truth In Titles: The main character is a humanoid, and partially cybernetic, boar whose body was remade by a rather unethical ‘black budget’ military project.
   Graziani has been at it for some time—the Cy-Boar website has stories dating back to 1987—and it’s interesting to see how his art style has evolved (for the better!) over the years.
   Given the military-related aspects of the storyline, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Cy-Boar can get bloody at times. If that doesn’t put you off, check it out and see how you like it!

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