Hello there! The fact that you’re reading this page means that you’re either just curious to know more about Anthro’s contracts, or else you’re definitely interested in submitting something to Anthro; either way, thank you very much! Here’s the deal: Copy this entire page into your favorite word processor. Once it’s there, use that good old search-and-replace function to replace [title] with the name of your creation; replace [name of creator] with the name you wish us to credit your work to (which can be your real name, or your chosen nom de plume, as you please); and replace [date] with the current date. Next, delete everything that appears before ‘Contract with Anthro’. Finally, copy-and-paste the resulting document into an email, include a copy of your creation as an attachment, and send it to Anthro.

Contract with Anthro

Being an agreement regarding the work [title], between You ([name of creator]) and Us (Quentin Long, Anthro’s editor-in-chief), effective as of [date].

Your end of the agreement
   First: You guarantee that [title] is your own work.
   Second: You guarantee that during the two months specified in the cover date of the issue [title] will appear in, You will not post [title] independently, to any online venue where there would be a reasonable expectation of mass exposure.
   Third: You guarantee that You have the right to grant us the use of [title].

Our end of the agreement
   We will work with you to improve the quality of [title] as needed. We will not modify [title] for purposes of editing without your written consent. However, We reserve the right to inflict on [title] whatever technological modifications -- i.e. converting ASCII text to HTML, graphics to JPEG, et cetera -- We deem proper.
   As long as We maintain [title] on our website, it will bear a copyright notice in your name. We will not register [title] with the Copyright Office; if you want it to be so registered, that’s something you’ll have to do yourself.

   You grant Us the non-exclusive right to publish Your work, entitled [title], on Our website for the two-month period specified by the cover date of the issue containing [title]. You agree that You won’t post this work independently, to any online venue of mass exposure, during this period. After this two-month period is over, You can post Your work online or not, to any venue great or small, as You choose.
   At any time after the cover date of the issue Your work appears in, You can withdraw your permission to publish. You do this by giving written notice (via e-mail) to Us (i.e., the editor in chief). Whatever date We receive this notice on, We’ll remove [title] from Our website within one week of that date.

   Whatever other rights to [title] You may have are not affected by this agreement, and are still Yours.

Quentin Long

Tyrannical Overlord, aka Editor-in-Chief

[name of creator]