This is the contract Anthro uses in case there’s a nontrivial possibility of money changing hands in regards to a particular creative work. The basic idea is a simple one: Anthro makes and sells copies of whatever-it-is, and the creator (i.e., you) get three-fourths—75%—of whatever profits come from selling your work.
   Note well: This contract is separate and distinct from our standard ‘
permission to present your work on the Anthro website’ contract. If you don’t want to let us make and sell copies of your work, not a problem; we’ll just present your work on our website, and that’s it. The make-and-sell-copies thing isn’t a prerequisite to our presenting your work online; rather, it’s something you can grant us permission to do as well as present your work online.
   If you’re okay with
Anthro making and selling copies of your work, you should sign this contract and send it to us in addition to the standard ‘let us present your work on our website’ contract. Without this contract, we will not make or sell copies of your work!
   The drill is the same as for our other contract, but for the record, here it is again:
Copy this entire page into your favorite word processor. Once it’s there, use that good old search-and-replace function to replace [title] with the name of your creation; replace [name of creator] with the name you wish us to credit your work to (which can be your real name, or your chosen nom de plume, as you please); and replace [date] with the current date. Next, delete everything that appears before ‘Contract with Anthro’. Finally, copy-and-paste the resulting document into an email, include a copy of your creation as an attachment, and send it to Anthro.

Contract with Anthro

Being an agreement regarding the work [title], between You ([name of creator]) and Us (Quentin Long, Anthro’s editor-in-chief), effective as of [date].

Your end of the agreement
   First: You guarantee that [title] is Your own work.
   Second: You guarantee that You have the right to grant Us the right to make and sell copies of [title]. If You didn’t create the setting that [title] is part of, You guarantee that the setting’s creator has granted you the right to make and sell copies of [title].
   Third: If [title] is a graphical work, You will provide a high-resolution version of [title]. This image must be at least 2,000 pixels tall, and at least 2,000 pixels wide. If You choose not to provide a high-resolution version of [title], We will generate one from the version of [title] you did provide.

Our end of the agreement
   We will make and sell physical copies of [title]. For written works, We’ll use the services of; for graphical works, We’ll use and/or, depending on whether we’re going for posters or bumper stickers or what.
   Whatever profits come from Our selling physical copies of [title], We will give 75% to [title]’s creator, and We will keep the remaining 25%. If You didn’t create the setting [title] is part of, 65% of the profits will go to You, 10% to the setting’s creator, and 25% to Us; if You did create the setting [title] is part of, You get the full 75% and We get 25%.
   If We use your work in a collective product, such as an anthology containing many different works from many different creators, We will divvy up 75% of the profits among you and the rest of those creators; We’ll split it up proportionately by wordcount. As far as profit-division is concerned, the share going to a poem is calculated as if the poem has 5 (five) times more words than its actual wordcount; the share going to any other text is determined by its actual wordcount; the share going to a piece of cover art is calculated as if that cover were 2,000 words; the share going to a piece of interior art is calculated as if that art were 1,000 words. The remaining 25% of profits will go to Us.
   We will keep track of how much money We owe You from selling copies of [title]. If We’re selling copies of more than one of Your works, We will add up the revenue gained from all of those works together. Within the first week of every month, We will check to see how much We owe You. If this amount is at least USD $25.00, We will send you a check for what We owe You; if this amount is less than USD $25.00, We’ll let Your money continue to accumulate.

   You grant Us the non-exclusive right to make and sell physical copies of Your work, entitled [title]. If You wish to also make and sell physical copies of Your work, You can. We believe it would be in Your best interest not to duplicate Our efforts in this regard, since each hour You spend fussing with this sort of thing is an hour You aren’t spending on your creative works, but We recognize that this is Your decision to make.
   At any time when this agreement is in force, You can withdraw your permission to make and sell physical copies of Your work. You do this by giving written notice (via e-mail) to Us (i.e., the editor in chief). Whatever date We receive this notice on, We’ll stop making the product(s) within one week of that date. If You also wish to withdraw Your permission for Us to present Your work on Our website, you must say so, explicitly, in writing.

   Whatever other rights to [title] You may have are not affected by this agreement, and are still Yours.

Quentin Long

Tyrannical Overlord, aka Editor-in-Chief

[name of creator]