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Lida Broadhurst Cat’s Moving Day 19
Cubist Action and Aftermath 5
Cubist The Cobbler 30
Cubist The Eternal Question 28
 Cubist The Gift of the Nucleotides 20
Cubist The Gift That Keeps on Giving 14
Cubist Going Down 15
Cubist K and R 26
Cubist The Real You 27
Cubist Sonnet for a Broken Friend 25
Sage Emberwulf Heart Beat 12
Laura L. Hill Arctic Beauty 24
Laura L. Hill The Flight of the Great Bear 22
Laura L. Hill Transformation 23
Kristine Ong Muslim The Last One 16
Slyford T. Rabbit Cat and Rabbit 9
Slyford T. Rabbit Childhood Memories 10
Slyford T. Rabbit For Those Who Stand Apart 8
Slyford T. Rabbit A New Fox to His Wife 6
Slyford T. Rabbit Terry Never Came Back 13
Slyford T. Rabbit Tryst Tail 11
Bill ‘Hafoc’ Rogers Seasons of the Sky 21
Daniel Wilcox The Cat and the Mouse 11
Tom Zimmerman Boa Girl 2
Tom Zimmerman In Dappled Darkness Something Waits For Me 3
 Tom Zimmerman Mammal Dreams 4

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