ANTHRO #5: Table of contents


Cleared for Departure
by Corvus and ShadowWolf
[BAFH] If you think revenge is no fun, you’re not doing it right

High Crimes and Misdemeanors
by Allen Kitchen
When you’re up against the wall, where can you go?

A Tale of Sand and Ice by Charles Matthias
[MK] In which a prophesied quest is begun / Serial: Prologue & Part 1

The Fox Samaritan
by Kris Schnee
God’s ways: Mysterious, and mysteriouser…

Helping Hands
by Equestrian Horse Wrangler
Many hands make light work. Right?


Action and Aftermath
by Cubist
Wouldn’t you like to explore the unknown?


Zebra Girl
by Joe England
Just another boring afternoon in Miscellaneous…

Castle Horsetooth
by Oren Otter & Eala Dubh
The concert’s final movement


From the Editor’s Maw
by Quentin Long
Circadian Musings: More ways furries can get on each others’ nerves

Through the Looking-Glass
by Michæl W. Bard
The Brush is Mightier than the Pen: Why (furry) words don’t get no respect


Down the Rabbit Hole
by Phil Geusz
Planning the Perfect Furcon: The cure for the common convention


Fred Patten reviews…

Oh, the Humanity
The tenth offline collection of online comic strip
Kevin & Kell

Why Coyotes Howl
An excellent collection of works by an excellent author

The Finest Creation
and The Finest Choice

The first two installments of an equine novel in three volumes

The Little Gentleman
“Sometimes we must be cruel in order to be kind.” (Winston Churchill)

Seven for a Secret
A good book, badly written


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