ANTHRO #10: Table of contents


Zoo’m’in Along
by Michæl W. Bard
[TBP] One day in a retired veteran’s (civilian) life

Fish, Barrel, Dynamite
by Corvus & ShadowWolf
[BAFH] And excessive, gratuitous overkill is a bad thing..?

Running Wild / Day 2, Dawning Awareness
by Duncan Cougar
& Quentin Long
[TBP] What can you do when SCABS traps you between a hard rock and a harder place?

A Tale of Sand and Ice / Part 6
by Charles Matthias
[MK] In which death fails to come from above—but other things do

by Nathan Ryan
The limits of enduring the unendurable


Zebra Girl
by Joe England
Assault and Aftermath


Through the Looking-Glass
by Michæl W. Bard
In Search of My True Face: Who—or what—am I, really?

Down the Rabbit Hole
by Phil Geusz
Live and In Person: The prospects for real-world furries

Reality Soundbites
by Keith Morrison
This is the Way the World Begins (part 2): The origin of the (botanical) species


Childhood Memories
by Slyford T. Rabbit
The beach is real, and so is the make-believe


Beyond All Bounds
by Kris Schnee
What do you want to be—tomorrow?


Dronon reviews…

Finder: King of the Cats
The third collection of Carla Speed McNeil’s ‘aboriginal SF’ comic

Grease Monkey
The story of a mechanically-inclined gorilla, and his human apprentice

Fred Patten reviews…

Tales of the Questor, Vol. 2
The second printed collection of Ralph E. Hayes Jr.’s acclaimed webcomic

Hot Animal Love: Tales of Modern Romance
The latest works from Scott Bradfield, the author of Animal Planet

The Taken Trilogy
A boy and his dog, kidnapped by extraterrestrials

Felicia and the Wrath of the Elder Glops
Confronting a lethal menace that’s fun to be around

Firmin: Adventures of a Metropolitan Lowlife
A literary allegory—with rats

Queen of Mars
The conclusion of Al Sarrantonio’s Martian saga


From the Editor’s Maw
by Quentin Long
Full Power: How to handle really larger-than-life characters


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